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Chidike Edmond(Eddy Ice)_Reasons

"Its been a while i last voiced, the thoughts in my heart are frozen but not
obsolete. I reserved the moment for some special events that has troubling effects. But i am far from retirement. Here is a short poetry recorded in my real name which is set to hold even the deepest reasons to the pain i endure. See you Soon".
The Poetry:
#Reason. We have our reason to do crazy reckless things in life. Most of us cant help it in lots of  cases, But if the reason is love, Maybe its not so crazy afterall.
#Reason. People believe in love, its the force that keeps the world turning. The Love of Christ which allows grace to abide.
Best Believe Nobody is perfect or independent but rather we are neglected by friends and family. Everybody knows somebody somebody could be anybody some of us even dated the same lady. Yet anyone can be forgotten by someone. But; as God we have it. "For if the reason is love, MAYBE ITS NOT SO CRAZY AFTER ALL".

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