Quiveta Q Olly Premier New Track; Jukpere_produced by B-Cleff

The Review.
 Quiveta Q Olly as a teen was a Heartthrob Rap/R&B Singer. So far, he has featured in the following tracks ; HND (Hip-Hop Never Dies) with Asy Brown & Eddy Ice In The Year 2013, Glory To Glory, Started From The Bottom Ft Reflex & Flexzy, This Way Ft D Links In the Year 2016. And Jupkere In the year 2017


Quiveta Q Olly Began his music adventure in  2012 while in  Secondary School ( Umutu Mix Secondary School, Umutu, Delta State, Nigeria) where he meet Asy Brown whom is now his "Brother from another mother". According to Olly, their days together were helpful because they assisted one another and Wax stronger ... "In the Year 2013 Olly and I ( Eddy Ice(Chidike Edmond)) meet and we worked together with Asy Brown doing a single Mix Tape (HND) which has challenged the Ndokwa (Northern part of Delta State,  Nigeria )stakeholders in the music industry . The funny part was  it was an amateur mix tape and a simple "tenage Freestyle".
On the other hand, Quiveta Q Olly  Has done several Mix Tape Collaborated  with  various newbie's ( up coming artist), These includes;

(1)Up All Night-Ft Chris Chezzy (Mix By Voice MC) in 2012
(2)Asy Brown Ft Quiveta Q Olly City Of Angel (Mix By B-Cleff) 2012
(3)( Eddy Ice(Chidike Edmond))   Ft Quiveta Q Olly & Asy Brown_HND (Mix By B-Cleff) 2013
 (4)( Eddy Ice(Chidike Edmond))   Ft Quiveta Q Olly Quiveta Q Olly & Asy Brown_Not Afraid (Mix By B-Cleff) 2013
(5)Quiveta Q Olly Glory To Glory (Mix By B-Cleff)  2016
(6)Reflex Ft Quiveta Q Olly_1960 (Mix By B-Cleff) 2016
(7)Flexzy Ft Quiveta Q Olly_Fame (Mix By B-Cleff) in 2016
(8)Quiveta Q Olly Ft Reflex & Flexzy
Started From The Bottom (Mix By B-Cleff) in 2016
(9)Quiveta Q Olly Ft D Links_This Way(Mix By B-Cleff) in 2016
(10)Wiz Brown Ft Quiveta Q Olly Don't Give A Fuck (Mix by B-Cleff) 2017
(11)Quiveta Q Olly Ft Asy Brown & Wiz Brown_Who's That (Mix By B-Cleff) 2017.

"11 mix tape with no original, he was called Lord of Mix Tapes".
Quiveta Q Olly felt hurt  and told his Producer B-Cleff about it. Then he was advised to work on his own song and  become independent," like   would say; #ShockEveryone #MakeItHappen ."Chidike Edmond.

Quiveta Q Olly Jukpere (Prod By B-Cleff) 2017.

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