I Am Reluctant In Making Statements Regarding "Encounter Youth Movement". _ Chidike Edmond

Comr Chidike Edmond Ojuyenum 
I am reluctant in making any statement regarding Encounter Youth Movement for a reason. However, I encourage prospective members and participants not to loose faith in the movement.

"The darkness of the trials of Jesus was for a while but the brilliance of its heavenly rewa are forever".

Our first excesis would be the Visit A Home Camp. Prospective participants are encouraged to visit any orphanage home this festival season to share and extended love to the nearly lost youths.

Encounter Youth Movement is my cooperate social responsibility and thus I will do my best with it. Never-the-less,  I thank God for my growing team of young adults whom has volunteered to take up this task with me as the primary sponsors (host) for 2018 Encounter Youth Movement.

Amongst these young people is Quiveta Olly and Crew.

Membership is voluntary as well as funding. Thus, prospective members and sponsors are directed to call +2348107735463. I must not fail to acknowledge that our challenge so far is attributed to fund to facilitate the movement.

Meanwhile, our first visit would be at GBI orphanage, Ebedei, Ukwani LGA, Delta State. 8th April 2018(sunday after easter). You can send your support materials through the above contact or join us if you are near the neighborhood.  Again, call +2348107735463 for details.

Yours Loyalist
Comr Chidike Edmond Ojuyenum
Initiator/Conveyor, Encounter Youth Movement.


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