Chidike Edmond(Eddy Ice) and Group Visit Home in Fulfilment of their Cooperate Social Responsibility

Chidike Edmond 

As earlier said, The Encounter Youth Movement is a youth development program embarked by Chidike Edmond in fulfilment of his corporate social responsibility. The ideology was adopted however the a few while many other saw it as a mere thought.

Chidike Edmond and Group (Encounter Youth Movement) Visit Home in Fulfilment of their Cooperate Social Responsibility.

Cross Section with the kids

Francixx II and Irris 

At the GBI Orphanage 

Nevertheless, the few believers strives to put in their best to "Shock Everybody, Make it Happen" (The words of Chidike Edmond). The Home Visit Campaign was launched at the GBI Orphanage Home.

The Home Visit is a medium to reach the youths in the orphanage, sharing gifts and motivating them as part of the society. With little resources, Encounter Youth Movement is not scared to start small but classic.

At the end of the visit, over 15 youths were encountered and a gift of clothes and entertainment were present to the home. "The joy in me was filled when I saw the smile on their faces... - Chidike Edmond".

The Encounter Youth Movement  Home Visit was embarked by  a team of volunteers;
1) Chidike Edmond (Director General/Initiator)
2) Andrael Francixx II
3) Frenzy
4) Asy Irris
5) Wiz Brown

There is room for more volunteers. More events coming soon, visit our event page for updates.
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