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Cardi B's Recent Single "Money" Tops The Charts

Why Chocolate City Is Nigerians Best Record Label

Compelled By: Eddy Ice

“Chocolate city is the best Record label in
Nigeria!” - Hip-Hop Head.

Did I declare that too soon? Should that
statement be retrieved for the end? Do
you agree with Hip-Hop Head? You’d
expect that statement should come
somewhere towards the end of this piece
after much explanations. But hey, let’s call
a spade a spade. Most of the
entertainment labels you see operating
aren’t what we expect them to be. Out
here, anyone can just start up a group and
call it a label.

Let’s call it what it is, I’m criticizing the so
called entertainment businesses out there
that have only one goal. This is to milk
their artistes dry and rip them off.
However, if there is one company that has
stood the tests of time and remained solid
in their vision. It’s Chocolate City.

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Why chocolate city is the best record label in Nigeria.
1. They have a corporate leadership structure Chocolate city has  something that most of these baby labels don’t have. They…

Motolani Ojo-Bella (M.O.B) Drops 2 Singles

“Motolani Ojo-Bella (M.O.B) is
seating on black soda… wanting
money. Listen to this Emcee. – Eddy

READ: Why Chocolate City is the Best Record Label in Nigeria.

According to this Emcee, he is just
trying to make his name known on
Big Sam. Track One (Big Sam)
expressed what it takes to make an
impact and its further complement
with Track Two (Black on black).
Listen to M.OB “…I want the money
not the fame!” What do you think?

Available For Downloads;
Track 1: Big Sam

Track 2: Black on Black

READ: The Weekly 101 (1st Series)

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Golden Voice Search 2018 Audition Announced.

Earlier today after a brief meeting with Exquisite Events and Entertainment (The producers of Golden Voice Search 2018). The 2018 auditions schedule was announced.

About 20minute ago,  Golden Voice Search official site published the audition schedule for 2018.Click Here to see date, time and location.

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