Why Chocolate City Is Nigerians Best Record Label

Compelled By: Eddy Ice

“Chocolate city is the best Record label in
Nigeria!” - Hip-Hop Head.

Did I declare that too soon? Should that
statement be retrieved for the end? Do
you agree with Hip-Hop Head? You’d
expect that statement should come
somewhere towards the end of this piece
after much explanations. But hey, let’s call
a spade a spade. Most of the
entertainment labels you see operating
aren’t what we expect them to be. Out
here, anyone can just start up a group and
call it a label.

Let’s call it what it is, I’m criticizing the so
called entertainment businesses out there
that have only one goal. This is to milk
their artistes dry and rip them off.
However, if there is one company that has
stood the tests of time and remained solid
in their vision. It’s Chocolate City.

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Why chocolate city is the best record label in Nigeria.

1. They have a corporate leadership structure Chocolate city has  something that most of these baby labels don’t have. They have a  leadership. I’m not talking of the CEO, or the position holders. I’m  talking of the organizational structure. Chocolate city will not suddenly crumble when one  partner walks away because they actually have a fixed multi level hierarchy. Look at Mavin for example; the label dies if Don Jazzy dies. Even Mo hits had to disband because Dbanj left. But that’s not the case for chocolate city; they can operate on auto pilot.

2. They have longevity in running the music business. Here is another thing that 99.9% of the other record labels do not have. “This is why Chocolate City is my dream label to be in – Eddy Ice”. Choc has decades of rugged music management experience in Nigeria. They have worked with artistes from different genres, old and young. A list would include Djinee, Asa and a lot others. Only Kennis music, Storm records and Trybes records are as old as Chocolate city. But the Chic towers above them all when you measure other aspects of the music business.

3. They have quality staff and personnel.
Let’s look at the two top names who
brought the company to limelight. We
have Paul Okeugo, a seasoned corporate
business man. Then we have Audu
Maikori, an experienced entertainment
lawyer. Look at the pedigree of those two

There are no jokers, they are not artistes
who want to feel like bosses. They are
different from a Lil Kesh starting a YAGI
or a Wizkid starting a Starboy.
Starboy records are popular because
Wizkid is reigning. So what happens when
there is no WizKid? A label should be like
a barrack. The old saying says “soldier go
soldier come, barrack remains”
This tells you how the company sees and
views music. No wonder they can stay
relevant for decades. You might disagree
with me, but I think this makes them the
best record label in Nigeria.

4. They actually have departments.
Chocolate city is not just one man. It’s big
and well sectionalized. They have scouts,
A&R, PR, managers and associate agents.
They also have a booth camp. It’s like an
incubator or a mentor ship program for
upcoming artistes. Rappers like Milli and
Pryse are products of this academy.
This is what a true record label looks like.
These departments are there to ensure
that the label continues putting out great
art because they will be there right from
when it was a raw material.
This is much more that I can say for YBNL
(who names a record label “yahoo boy no
laptop” anyway? _ Hip-Hop Head).
Here goes my final word: Chocolate city is
the best record label in Nigeria. What do
you think?

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