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[Music] Big Kojoe_Area Baby

Big Kojoe

Born on the 7th day of January, Grew up in Eku and Sapele in Delta State and also lived in Abuja.
Attended Merit Mixed Secondary School Sapele.
Majored in Building Technology in the Tertiary institution. Graduated in 2014.

"Am a poet, a song writter and one of the most humorous persons alive..

I believe arts is an instrument for happiness, addressing social issues, proffering possible solutions, and maintaining cordial relationships. Great icons such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Fela Anikolapo Kuti, Lucky Dube King Sunny Ade, Victor Owaifo, etc have used music to stimulate and create awareness amongst people.

My music is for all people. No racial or tribal barrier. Body type doesnt matter, I appreciate people the way they are.. I sing for love, for am a child of love. I sing for Africa and the world, I express myself. I talk of the African culture, not the drug smuggling, violent life which most ignorant blacks in America claim as the black culture.

I hope to add my…

[Music] Golden Boy_My Baby

Get the latest of Golden Boy; My Baby now available in Mp3.

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Comr Chidike Edmond Ojuyenum (Director/Chief Editor)