Owners Executive Summary 

"I place value and emphasis on budget and will review a standard price in favour of a well defined budget" 
- Eddy Ice (Chidike Edmond).
Our Services Include but not limited to:
  1. Music Promotion (Audio/Video)
  2. Movie Promotion
  3. Event Promotion
  4. Media PR Services
  5. Event Hosting/Press Conference
  6. Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing 
Our charges are budget friendly.
Our Charges:
  1.  For Budget at or bellow N20,000. We charge N5,000.
  2. For Budget between N21,000 to N100,000. We charge N5,000 for the 1st N20,000 and 10% of balance.
  3. For Budget between N101,000 above. We charge N5,000 for the 1st N30,000 and 10% of balance.
Our product:
  1. Audio(MP3) Upload (75mb max) = N5,000
  2. Video (MP4) Upload (175mb max) + Free Audio Upload = N10,000
  3. Hyping of Media Content (our link) = N1,500 daily (N7,500weekly)
  4.  Hyping of Media Content (external link) = N2,500 daily (N12,000weekly)
  5. Mail Marketing/Broadcast = N500 per 100 mails
  6. Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing/Broadcast = N2.15 per SMS (View Chart for more update)
  7. TV, Radio, Events and more are based on 3rd party arrangement.
Send us you stories for publications, toll free. Terms Apply .